Teatr Trans-Atlantyk is an international independent theatre ensemble from Warsaw, Poland founded by director Paul Bargetto in 2015 with Marta Król, Grzegorz Sierzputowski, Tomek Sobczak, Krzysiek Polkowski, and Helena Chorzelska. Other frequent collaborators include Agata Balcerzak, Marta Cienkowska, Agnieszka Rozkowska, Wojciech Zołądkowicz, Malgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk, Julia Trembecka, Boguslaw Kudlek, Chi Chi Ude, VJ Majo, Antoni Gustowski, and Kasia Ustowska.

The company creates original works of devised research-driven documentary theatre in collaboration with other dramatists, artists, and experts from other disciplines and fields. In addition the company works with playwrights and dramaturgs on original texts, adapting non-theatrical texts, and creating public performance interventions. In Poland, their work has been presented at Instytut Teatralny, The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Polin, the Museum of the History of the Polish Jews, Komuna//Warszawa, the Malta Festival, Atelier Jaga Hupalo, The Confrontations Festival, Sopot Non-Fiction Festival, Festival WarSoVie. Internationally the company has appeared in China at the 2016 Tianjin Caoyu (Broader Horizons) Festival in Tianjin and Harbin, in France at the 2016 Chantiers D’ Europe Festival in Paris, in Belgium at the 2017 Festival de Liege , in Germany at the 2017 theaterszene Europa Festival in Koln, and in the UK at the JW3 Jewish Community Center in London.

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