Bogusław Kudłek




Bogusław Kudłek was born in Rzeszów, but grew up in Krakaow and is a graduate of the State Higher School of Theater in Krakow. He collaborates with the St. Kazimierski Theater in Kielce, the Studio Theater, Teatr Na Woli in Warsaw, and the Korez Theater in Katowice. On screen, he is known for such series and films as Exam from Life (Andrzej Chełmicki), Alex Commissioner, Majka, Wave Wave (Jonasz Shmitd), WAŁĘSA-CZŁOWIEK from Nadzieji (Bogdan Borusewicz), Weak But, Hotel 52 and many others. Recent work includes the over-zealous sergeant Juliusz Poniatowski in the crime series Police and Policyants.