Hunger (Laknienie) is an interactive staged reading and dinner theatre of the absurd. In the performance, the audience is divided into sections and assigned characters based on their height and weight. After taking their seats, each section reads a character from Slawomir Mrozek's famous one-act play Out at Sea under the guidance of 'hosts' . After working up a considerable appetite (throughout the performance savory tempting dishes are placed on a table before the audience) the guests are invited to a sumptuous feast! This performance was developed and presented with the Theatre of the 8th Day in Poznan in 2014 and was presented again in 2015 at the Temps D' Image festival in Cluj, Romania.  The concept was developed by Paul Bargetto, Marta Jagniewska, and Agata Elsner. It will be presented in Warsaw as part of our 2019 season.